Da Waaagh of da Mad Mek Beginz!

[Please forgive me for wanting to type this entire blogpost out, barring this header and notes, as an Ork. I’m rather excited to get back to my Warhammer 40k roots. This post is about what my force will include, what conversions I’m going to do, and how it will (hopefully play out).]

Righ’ den, Da Big Boss seyz he wants me to tell youz grotz what boyz he’s takin’ for Da Waaagh, so listen up!

Da Mad Mek Zagskull is da biggest baddest ork around, and he’s got dis wicked kustom force field, to protect the boyz, and da mek’s toyz. He’s got da best armour ever, and he’s always kicking around dat grot of his that carries his bitz.He doesn’t like to do all dat leader stuff, so he letz all da Nobz run da show, but none of da Nobz big enuf to give ol’ Zagskull a kickin’.

[Mad Mek Zagskull, w/ Kustom Force Field, ‘Eavy Armour, and a Grot Oiler – 95 Points]

And for sum reason, da Nobz bringing that Warp ‘Ead, Wurrskit, a mad messy Waaaghboy, where ever he is, there gunna be some big bangs I tellz ya!

[Weirdboy, upgraded to a Warp head – 85 points].

Now, da Mad Mek loves his flyin’ boyz, but he’s all outta rokkit packs for dem Storm boyz, nasty accident, we dun talk bout it. Urzogg did make a lovely splat tho… Anyway, he’s given da top Kommandos sum “parachootes” to get em into da thik of things ded quick like, they throw em out da bosses favourite flyin’ ting and let em fall. Bit mad idea if you ask me… But Nob Snikgrob loves it, gets him right up close wif dat Power Klaw of ‘is. And he rarely takes da bullet, ’cause he’s got dat ‘eavy armour. Zagskull gave dese boyz some really Big Shootas, 2 of his best ‘uns! Shame they can’t hit a squiggof with them tings.

[13 Kommandos, Nob in ‘Eavy Armour with a Power Klaw, Mob has 2 Big Shootas – 180]

Now, da boss’s favourite boy… Grimblitz da Stompyest. He was given dis hooge stompy dread da boss took from sum ded space marinez. He’s got 4 of dem really ‘itty big fings, plenty of stabbin’ and cuttin’ and stompin’ in dat ting. Grimblitz nearly sleeps in it, doesn’t want no boyz havin’ a ride in it. Not that I’d try to take it, reckon he’s gone a bit mad…

[Deffdread. 4 Close Combat Weapons – 105]

Now den, there’s loads of da bosses’ Choppa Boyz, dey get to fly around in Zagskulls Heli Choppa, dis flyin’ ting he took from da oomies and made it more Orky. They from da Kult of Speed, dey love da Heli Choppa, almost as much as Choppin’ da oomies they took it from! Nob Thargroz Wazza leads em, biggest Speed Freek ever, he’s got a Power Klaw too, and ‘Eavy Armour.

[20 Ork Boyz, armed with Sluggas and Choppas, with a Nob in ‘Eavy Armour and a Power Klaw – 160]

And dere’s da boyz dat Zagskull runs wif, and Wurrskit too! Da Slugga Boyz is led by da biggest baddest Goff ‘cept da prophet Gazgkull ‘imself. Grimgull Da Goff is got da biggest powa klaw, and ded strong ‘eavy armour.

[30 Ork Boyz, armed with Sluggas and Choppas, with a Nob in ‘Eavy Armour, and a Power Klaw – 220]

And den dere’s da Dakka Boyz, led by dat Nob Dakkaboss, dey ded shooty, but still miss a lot. But dey get da Flyin’ Trukk da boss made out of sum Speeder da Space Marine boyz had, and it’s red to make it go fasta den ever.

[10 Ork Boyz, armed with Shootas, With a Nob in ‘Eavy Armour, all in a Trukk transport with Red Paint upgrade – 120]

Den da flyin’ boyz, da boss made em dese wicked Deff Koptas, sum built from all dis scrap, others from da oomie’s tin can walker fings. Most of dem got dese wicked cuttas, dey as strong as a Power Klaw from Nob Grimgull!

[1 Squad of 2 Deffkoptas with Buzzsaws, 1 Squad of 3 Deffkoptas with 2 Buzzsaws – 120 and 155 points respectively]

Ah den we ‘ave da Mad Mek’s pride and joy, Da Heli-Choppa. It’s dis flyin fing he stole off da ‘oomies, and made a giant Deffkopta to carry his Choppa Boyz in! It’s got this great big Deff Rolla to run da other gitz down, 2 of da bosses best Big Shootas, a grot to keep it workin’ when Zagskull is busy, and got dem red Go Fasta Stripes.

[A Battlewagon, with a Deffrolla, 2 Big Sootas, a Grot Rigger, and Red Paint – 130]

And finally Da Big ‘Un, da Mad Mek’s biggest gun, on da biggest tank he could find… doesn’t always wurk mind, but it’s got 2 rokkit launchas just incase, and a Fixer Grot for when it gets stuck.

[Looted Wagon, with a Boomgun, 2 Rokkit Launchas, and a Grot Rigger – 130]


Right, time to explain some of the models I’ll be converting rather then buying the bog standard models.

First things first, the Kommandos are probably just going to be a mix of Ork Boyz and Kommandos models, but I’ll be attaching Parachutes of various designs to them to make it look like they’ve been dropped out of the nearest orky plane.

My Deffdread, I’m going to convert from this

From the Dreadknight...

Into something more like this (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT MY WORK)

Into the Deff Dread

The next conversion, is going to be “Da Flyin’ Trukk”. I’m going to get one of these Land Speeders

I'm going to elongate the back for standing room for Ork Boyz, and add Helicopter blades

I’m going to extend a seating/standing area, to make it look more fit to carry Da Boyz, make it look more like a Helicopter style vehicle.

The biggest conversion is going to be on this Valkyrie model though

Normally this is for the Hammer of the Impirials, the Imperial Guard. Now it's the Orks...

I’ll be cutting most of the wings off, adding tank tracks and wheels to the bottom, changing the weaponry to Big Shootas and Rokkit Launchas, adding a Grot Rigger somewhere creating a Steam Roller to go on the front, and creating some giant Helicopter blades – and I’ve got to keep it transportable! This is a big task, but I’ve got a plan…

Keep your eyes on here, or on the Astronomicon forum, for my progress… I’ll be looking forward to in.

In the mean time, remember:


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