Send in ‘Da Boyz’

Time to post some of my current work – Ork boyz are basically unpainted barring 10 boyz; though I still need to paint the leathers on said Shoota Boyz.

Nob Dakkaboss and his Shoota Boyz~

Grimgull Da Goff and some of his Slugga Boyz

Dem Speed Freakz, Nob Thargroz Wazza and his Choppa Boyz

But the main star of today’s blog, as you may have guessed via one of my pictures above… Is my converted Land Speeder Storm,with extended length and extra Gubbinz! It’s still a WIP, as it’s not yet air worthy enough for my Mad Mek’s ‘Heli-Choppa’ force. But once it’s had some helicopter rotor blades added, I’m sure he’ll declare it a fit Trukk for Da Boyz!

Da Flyin' Ting... We'ze gunna make it Orky Boss!

And with my recent aquirements, I’ve got a few more Konvershun’s on the way, once I’ve got my Mad Meks Tools to hand!

These'll do for Da Boyz...


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