Finished Conversion and First Battle

Finished this Ork Trukk conversion tonight. I’m not 100% on the rotor blades (namely the “2 bladed” rotor blade.), so I may change that for another “3 pronged” rotor blade, we’ll see.

In the mean time, today I played a 1000 point game against Space Marines, in which I won.

It was a Pitched Battle format, a Seize Ground match. This is a match type I’ve not played in the past, so it made a really nice change!

My forces were:

1 Big Mek, 1 Weirdboy, 1 Deffdread, 25 Slugga Boyz, 20 Slugga Boyz, 10 Shoota Boyz in a Trukk, 2 Deffkoptas, and 1 Battlewagon.

My opponent had 1 Chapter Master, 2 Scout Squads, 1 Tact. Squad in a Rhino, a Razorback, a Terminator Squad, and 2 Dreads (1 Regular, 1 special type, can’t remember which).

First turn went to my opponent, who moved his dreads, rhino and terminators forward. His dread opened fire on my Battlwagon, causing no damage, razorback fired twin linked lascannons against my deffdread, causing it to be unable to move or shoot. His scouts took out a small number of Ork Boyz.

My first turn involved me running most of my Ork Boyz forward, deploying my Shoota boyz on the first objective. In shooting, my Weirdboy unleashed a psychic attack on the Rhino, immobilizing it. My Big Shootas on my Trukk/Battlewagon/Deffkoptas/Shootas shot down his Chapter Master, and that concluded my turn.

His second turn ended with another small amount of Ork Boyz being shot down, and the battlewagon being shot at and completely missed. His Termies moved closer towards one of the objective. During my second turn, my Deffkoptas swooped over a building to assault the Rhino, my regular troops moved up, with my Weirdboy Zzaping the Razorback (However it missed), my battlewagon deployed a 20 strong squad of Ork Slugga Boyz ready to assault the Termies (Which consequently got wiped out).

3rd turn began, his CC orientated Dread got into combat with the squad off the battlewagon, my Deffkoptas being fired upon by the squad that got thrown out of the blown up Rhino, another small amount of Ork Boyz sniped by the Scouts, and the Razorback being pretty ineffectual 😛 During my turn, I assaulted the tactical squad with the Deffkoptas (Causing a few wounds, the Tact. Marines left combat not long after that), moving my large number of Boyz up, the Ork Wierdboy blowing up a few Tactical Marines, my Deffdread heading towards the Dreadnought in combat, and best of all, Ramming the 2nd Dreadnought with the battlewagon, which responded with DEATH OR GLORY! He fired a missle at the front armour of the Battlewagon, but it caused no damage. Due to the ramming, the Dread suffered a strengh 8 attack, while my Battlewagon suffered only a strength 4 attack. Due to the wagon’s Deffrolla, I caused another 4 Strength 10 hits, wrecking the Dreadnought.

During the 4th turn, my opponent took out more Ork Boyz, both in shooting from  scouts and tactical squad against the large Boyz squad, and in assault with the Dreadnought. On my turn, I moved my forces up, and declared a WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Giving my units Fleet of Foot, I ran my Orks, and then assaulted the Tactical Squad, the Razorback with the Deffkoptas, and the Deffdread into the Dreadnought combat. The combat results were, 1 destroyed Razorback, 1 wiped out tactical squad, a shaken dreadnought (Eugh.). I consolidated my Ork Boyz onto the 2nd objective, so I now held 2.

The fith turn, he tried to kill off my 2 Deffkoptas (Which were on 1 wound each at this point) with the Scouts, unfortunatly this didn’t happen. He moved his 2nd scout squad to take the 3rd objective, and the assault between the Boyz and Deffdread and Dreadnought concluded with no real damage being done. In my turn, my Deffkoptas finished off the last of the Scouts that had shot it that turn, and my Deffdread assault continued to be very ineffectual. My Shoota Boyz, and Wagon both fired Big Shootas at the remaining scout squad, killing a small number of scouts.

During the 6th turn, the last of the opposing scout squad managed to get out of a difficult terrain building, and the Deffdread/Boyz/Dreadnought combat ended with the Deffdread being destroyed! Unfortunatly for me, the Ork Boyz refused to run away, meaning I was still stuck in the damned assault. During my turn, I flew my Deffkoptas onto a rooftop (This caused one of my koptas to blow up….) and open fire on the remaining scouts, wiping them out.

This concluded the game, with me holding 2 objectives, and my opponent holding 0 (with only 1 Dreadnought remaining). Was a good game (for me), in which my Orks performed really well.





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