MM’s Warhammer Project Round Up

I’ve got so many bloody projects either in the middle of being finished, nearly finished but needs an X, started but could use a tweak, or purely in the conception stage, it’s hard to get a grip on where to go next! Just tonight I was sorely tempted to get some Brown Dettol and restrip and repaint loads of my Eldar Models, while I have most of my 1500 point Dwarf Army sat glued up on my Desk. So this is my “My List of Projects” to do with my wonderously expensive hobby.


So this is my first army since I rejoined the hobby. I’ve got plenty of models, with only 2 squads painted to what I felt a satisfactory paint job. A few vehicles of mine are damaged and need some repairs. Some models really need a good soak in dettol and a repaint – namely my Wraithlord, my Singing Spears, and one of my Warwalkers. And any model with the colour white involved 😛


My second army, a remake of my original Warhammer 40’000 army. I’ve currently got 1500ish points of Orks on the go, with plans to replace aprox 500 points with alternative units. Most of my models are unpainted, I have 2 fully painted squads, as well as 1 half painted. I get a lot of inspiration from Orks, and it’s something I’ll no doubt be playing around with forever and ever. I need to get the Squigs together, work on the Battlewagon/Trukk conversions, focus on painting some Ork Boyz. The Trukk could do with a Dettol Dip and a repaint.


I’ve apparently had 1500 points of these guys stuck in boxes for god knows how long – I’ve finally put them together and I’m getting ready to lern2play this new gaming system. I need to finish adding sand to the bases, and get them ready for spraying


Ah… The Tau Empire, an army of communists in space! With The Greater Good force, I’ve got a lot of conversion work in mind for a Gundam-style force with Battle suits. Going to be fairly expensive, but I love starting new projects…

Orcs & Goblins

I’ve got the Goblin forces from the Battle of Skull Pass box set. No idea if I’m going to start this army yet…  but I’ve planned a 1500 point list anyway!

Dark Eldar

Planned a 1500 point list to these guys as well, since I love the jet fighter models. It involves mostly a compact force that moves really fast. Plenty of transports or jetbikes and hellions, I have a good feeling about this army if I ever go with it…



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