Finale Fest~ Last Post > No Post

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Rant of a Puppetmaster

So, in the recent update for FFXI, there was a number of changes to my main class, Puppetmaster. Some good, some bad. Let’s take a look at what was updated. Puppetmaster The following automaton attachments will be added: Name Description Heat Capacitor A fire-based automaton attachment. Functionality: Erases all Fire Maneuver effects to restore TP. … Continue reading

An End to the World~ Armageddon

I obtained my Armageddon gun!

Hey. This whole update thing. I’m still not used to it.

So, Life. Been doing a lot of stuff recently, most notably playing games, going to work. Well. “Notably”. Work’s been well, if you hadn’t been told, I’m a member of a Tech Team in my local area. I never realised that Tesco had it’s own Tech Team, but with the extention of my local store … Continue reading

New Signature

Take a look~ Version 2.0

Holidays, Gaming, and Rant

Three part update today, going to update on  my recent holiday, FFXI, and im going to finish off with a rant. So, let’s start with my holiday! I went off camping with a bunch of friends of mine, most of them from Uni, and it was a blast. Stayed over a mates and watched friends … Continue reading

To infinity (Or level 80) and beyond!

So much has been happening in game and out of game. I won’t bother talking about the stuff that’s making me feel crappy today though, I need to think positive. So I’m going to talk about all the good things in life, real life or otherwise! So here we are, another big update post from … Continue reading

PUPdate, NM hunting, other fun facts

Well, I don’t update often, who’d have thunk it? 😛 I’ve been doing a fair few differant things recently. Most recently is this NM, Boompadu, which pops every 120~150 minutes in game. I’ve mostly been fighting this at nights, but today was a good day for it (in a way). First time I got the … Continue reading

A Winrar Is you

So, I had some major fun last night, we had finished doing sea (I was getting really fed up with it, I had lost 90% of the buffer I made at ix’drg farming). Xele and me pretty much decided, let’s go do ToAU, we’ve got our CSs done, and we want to get it finish … Continue reading

Lets update

So, again it’s been awhile so let’s recap what I’ve been up to. In game I’m doing the same old stuff, dynamis limbus sea sky. It’s getting dull to be honest thankfully einherjar is really fun and it won’t take me too long to get what I’m after (Not long being another 19 runs if … Continue reading