Easter Break

So, it’s been awhile since I last posted, and it’s time to see write down what’s what. My RNG has finally dinged 60, and I do so love that Sidewinder action!  I’m now 5/5 on AF, all of it solo’d on my PUP too, so I was pretty happy about that. I’m refusing to level … Continue reading

Update from Mr.PUP

Well it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a proper update on what has been going on, and I feel it’s time to have a little writeup of what I have done, after all this is what this blog was for, right? Let’s start of with the ever-so-failing real life of me, though in all … Continue reading

BLM > MNK ^^;

Well last night was a very fun evening/night, first of all I manaburned on my BLM, got myself more merits, so my current standing on BLM sofar is: Buffer: Got, Merits (General): None, Merits (BLM Tier 1): 2 Ice Potency Merits, Merits (BLM Tier 2): Freeze II, Burst II After this fun, It was time … Continue reading

Well, Another Ding Post

Yes, I have dinged PUP30 yesterday, and as such, I have completed the quest to unlock my Valoredge frame, the melee PUP frame 😎 Ill be posting a screenshot soon of me and all my little ‘matons, and might update my banner to show an ARMY of Mk.IV <Insert Evil Laughter :twisted:>. Well anyway, as … Continue reading

Update Tiem

Well, let’s take a moment to review what I’ve done recently. Well BLM wise… well I have not touched BLM much recently, I just couldnt be bothered, even with no buffer, and so many merits to obtain. So what have I been doing instead you ask? Puppetmaster 😎 It has been so fun, and I … Continue reading

So… an actual post…

Well unless you are blind, you will have noticed that recently I have been posting just videos from youtube, this is mostly ’cause, I only just found out I could do that 🙄 So yeah, after last few video posts I have decided I will actually post what has been happening with me, the LSs, … Continue reading

RoZ 4 – Temple Of Uggalepih

Well RoZ 4 is done and dusted, a pickup group of 5 of us, BRD RDM BLM NIN WAR took the Temple by storm, we were like a team of SAS…. Team of SAS that had become a marching band….. We aggro’d so much on the way it it was hilarous, no deaths though, thanks … Continue reading

Recent News….

Lets see… what have i dont recently… Oh yes, Promyvion-Vahzl down, so we are on to Tenzens Path next, thats pretty epic. Though i kept d/cing loads after in the actual Promyvion-Vahzl zone, which was odd, but stopped as soon as i zoned into Spire of Vahzl. Then me, Gen, Fitz and a 4th whose … Continue reading

OK OK! I need to post moar and lurk less…

Ok, lets give a run down of what ive been doing since the 7th ENMs once or twice EXP! KSNMs COP Ok, ENMs i took mia’s place for 3 runs when she was too tired after dynamis, so yeah, a hefty 9k exp on my RNG, as well as the item i need for the … Continue reading

Long Time….

Long time since last post, lets try to recap what has happened since that awesome sunday: OK, laptop broke 😦 laptop fixed 😀 lvling BLM, been in 2/3 manaburns, now just under lvl 70 got some nice new shiny gear for BLM making plans for ENMs, BCNMs, KSNMs and buying things selling old stuff want … Continue reading