Feels so Good

NOT. It feels like someone just doesn’t want to know me any more. I try to do something nice for them – yes it’s partially due to my feelings for them, but ever since I made the offer I was cut off and didn’t hear a word. Okay, I get it, you don’t like me. … Continue reading

MM’s Warhammer Project Round Up

I’ve got so many bloody projects either in the middle of being finished, nearly finished but needs an X, started but could use a tweak, or purely in the conception stage, it’s hard to get a grip on where to go next! Just tonight I was sorely tempted to get some Brown Dettol and restrip … Continue reading

Revisiting an old hobby~

Well, I’m long due an update me-thinks… So it’s the summer again, time for summer romances, good times with friends, nights out on the town… Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft yeah right, that’s not what this blog is about! And you can certainly scratch out the first point. But yes, the topic of todays post, is Hobbys. I’ve had … Continue reading


I wonder what it would be like to drop off the face of the world. To be alone, leave my friends to themselves, my family to their lives. To have no impact on anyone at all. Solitude. I think many folks lives would go on as normal. And I don’t think I make that much … Continue reading

Films I really really really want to go see this year.

Here’s my list, what’s your thoughts? The Adjustment Bureau A film about lives being predetirmined? Awesome. I love conspiracy theorys Fast Five I like fast cars, I like Vin’s films, I might enjoy it. Low priority to see in the cinema though. Thor FUCK YEAH MARVEL FILMS. I love the Marvel film series, and this … Continue reading

Hey. This whole update thing. I’m still not used to it.

So, Life. Been doing a lot of stuff recently, most notably playing games, going to work. Well. “Notably”. Work’s been well, if you hadn’t been told, I’m a member of a Tech Team in my local area. I never realised that Tesco had it’s own Tech Team, but with the extention of my local store … Continue reading

New Signature

Take a look~ Version 2.0

I wanted to be a Hero…

I’m fairly certain it’s a common thing, boys wanting to play the Hero. Especially as a child, watching shows with super heroes, reading about how awesome heroes are. Single handedly defeating the badguys, overcoming all obstacles in life to kick some ass. Playing video games, part of this feeling has never left me. I revelled … Continue reading

Holidays, Gaming, and Rant

Three part update today, going to update on  my recent holiday, FFXI, and im going to finish off with a rant. So, let’s start with my holiday! I went off camping with a bunch of friends of mine, most of them from Uni, and it was a blast. Stayed over a mates and watched friends … Continue reading

NaNoWriMo, and the Adventures of Kvîstor!

So my girlfriend has got me into writing for the NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month. The general point, is I have to attempt to write 50,000 words, about 175 pages, in 30 days. Now I know I’ll never reach 50,000 but apparently the point is not how much you write, but attempting to … Continue reading