Farseer Ad’aim of Biel-Tan

My best model so far. Green is using a Catachan green over a white prime, followed by Snot Green, followed by a light drybrush of Scorpion Green. The yellow is (for now) Iyanden Darksun Reds are Mechrite Red followed by Blood Red The sword is Mordian Blue mixed with some Chaos Black, the lightning effect … Continue reading

In the future, there is only War(hammer 40’000)

Got some new models to paint soon… when I can afford the Reds/Yellows/A brighter green     And I ‘ve touched up the whites on my Grav Tanks… now to clean up my edges with some more green 😛 Future memo: Dont do any greens till all the whites are done…   Played 3 games … Continue reading

More Avengers, and some Biel-Tan Grav Tanks

Did some more work on my avengers, I’m still not happy with them… the white just looks (To me) weird… My Grav Tanks are following the paint scheme of the Dawn of War grav tanks – so I’ve begun painting over the black coat in a green and grey foundation color, ready for the next … Continue reading

It’s all coming together~ Dire Avenger’s of Biel-Tan

From the black base coat, used a coat of Mordian Blue, a wash of Asurmen blue, followed by a drybrush of Enchanted Blue, highlights of Ice Blue, and finally a wash of Asurmen blue on the blue armour. On the white helments, I have/will be using Codex Grey, followed by Skull White. Using Chainmail for … Continue reading

Hobbying~ Putting the models together, and Priming.

Here’s a quick photo run down of what I’ve done today with my models.           So basically, Rangers, Warlocks, Farseer and Dire Avengers ready for the paint!

Revisiting an old hobby~

Well, I’m long due an update me-thinks… So it’s the summer again, time for summer romances, good times with friends, nights out on the town… Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft yeah right, that’s not what this blog is about! And you can certainly scratch out the first point. But yes, the topic of todays post, is Hobbys. I’ve had … Continue reading

Rant of a Puppetmaster

So, in the recent update for FFXI, there was a number of changes to my main class, Puppetmaster. Some good, some bad. Let’s take a look at what was updated. Puppetmaster The following automaton attachments will be added: Name Description Heat Capacitor A fire-based automaton attachment. Functionality: Erases all Fire Maneuver effects to restore TP. … Continue reading