So… an actual post…

Well unless you are blind, you will have noticed that recently I have been posting just videos from youtube, this is mostly ’cause, I only just found out I could do that πŸ™„

So yeah, after last few video posts I have decided I will actually post what has been happening with me, the LSs, and that sort of thing. Well… let’s see, I have got myself PUP20, yay, now PUP19 (Never, EVAR follow a guide which tells you to solo Ts, unless you have some DAMN good eva gear and /NIN I have decided, which at level 19-20, is useless as dual wield on a hand to hand weapon? /fail and utsusemi ichi is not until 24 as sub!) So yeah, ill need to find a duo partner or something, that was just not working out.

BLM wise, I’m still level 75, ive got a merit point saved up for something, though I am unsure what ill be spending it on yet, probabably tier 2, I need another AM2 in my arsenal!

So events, what have I done? Ive gone on a Bomb Queen run with a bunch of randoms, I got bored one day and decided to help out BAD IDEA, that was “fun”. We wiped 3/4, first time due to Self Destruct, so I guess that counts as a half-win? πŸ˜• So 2 ‘sucessful’ runs, and much of my buffer down later. So as a bonus, we decide to run to Ash Dragon, a huge NM with some nice dragon item drops, they generally sell for a fair amount, though they only drop if you ACTUALLY kill it, see how that works? So yeah, the dragon ate my face, I delvl to 74 (Solo’d my way back to 75, but I need a buffer again).

What is in store for me, in the future? Who really knows, but lets talk about what I want to do πŸ˜‰ There are a series of quests I’m looking at, and Ama has some experience with, The Ashu Talif quests, all from this guy. So ill need to get to ToAU17, then get a bunch of people to do the quests. The interesting thing about these quests are either the difficulty, or the “bonus” treasure chests you can force to pop, by completing different targets on the missions, for example, having to SA the captain.

In real life, recently watch two movies, National Treasure 2, and Iron man, let me start off by saying that the ending of iron man is pretty good, though the start was not as great, but luckily I am all for the climatic endings. National Treasure 2 was ok, but I’m not sure it was worth the Β£13 for the DVD, hind sight is bliss πŸ˜†


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